Short Story Adjudication


Our adjudicator this time round was actor, writer and director Nobby Dimon. Particularly well known for his involvement with North Country Theatre, the company he founded and set up in the 1990s, Nobby was able to give us a fresh perspective on the spinning of a convincing yarn. He had obviously put a great deal of time and thought into his comments on each story and these, together with some interesting insights into his own work, were very much appreciated.

Unfortunately, Susan Perkins wasn’t with us this evening, so Nobby was unable to present her with the trophy. We shall look forward to handing it over and hearing her winning entry, A Local Love Story Or Tragedy on another occasion. In second place was Joe Peters with 69 Toulouse Avenue, based on his recollections of a Cockney landlady and her strange household, and Lindsay Trenholme’s In Technicolour came third.


We caught up with Susan at the next meeting and very much enjoyed her winning story.

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