Events Programme


10th      (962nd Meeting) Essential business followed by ‘Member’s Manuscripts’ and book sale


24th      (963rd Meeting) Theme – ‘A Winter’s Tale’



7th        (964th Meeting) Theme –‘What if . . . .?’


21st      (965th Meeting) Write on the Night – topic to be set by Peter Page on the night

Closing date for ‘Blast from the Past’ competition for a piece of fiction with a historical theme.



6th        (966th Meeting) Adjudication of the 2023 Poetry Competition by Mary-Jane Holmes


20th      (967th Meeting) Talk on Comedy Writing by Swanwick Writers’ Summer School regular Phil Collins.


This will now be a  Members’ Manuscripts evening.




3rd        (968th Meeting) Adjudication of the ‘Blast from the Past’ Competition by Suzanne Stirke


This will now be a short talk on Arvon by Peter Page and a Members’ Manuscripts evening.


17th      (969th Meeting) Adjudication of the ‘Blast from the Past’ Competition by Suzanne Stirke




1st        (970th Meeting) Short talk on Swanwick Writers’ Summer School by Maggie Cobbett and Members’ Manuscripts.


15th      (971st Meeting) Theme – a piece in any genre beginning ‘As I walked out . . . .’

Display of six items to inspire writing for 12th June meeting


29th    (972nd Meeting) Poetry Evening




12th      (973rd Meeting) Theme – a piece incorporating at least five of the six items displayed on 15th May

Closing date for Short Story competition


26th      (974th Meeting) Write on the Night – topic set by Maggie Cobbett on the night



10th      (975th Meeting)  Talking about our writing – introduced by Susan Perkins

24th      (976th Meeting)  Adjudication of Short Story Competition by Suzanne Stirke



7th        (977th Meeting) ‘Member’s Manuscripts’ and book sale


21st      (978th Meeting) Theme – Book Review or ‘A book I would recommend’

Closing date for the Janet Barclay Memorial Trophy competition for a piece of humorous writing



5th        (979th Meeting) ‘How Not to get Published’ – a talk by Andy Croft of Smokestack Books. (NOTE: This meeting is on a Thursday evening rather than the usual


18th      (980th Meeting) Write on the Night – topic to be set by Sheila Whitfield on the night



2nd        (981st Meeting) Adjudication of the Janet Barclay memorial Trophy competition


16th      (982nd Meeting) ‘Member’s Manuscripts’ and book sale


30th      (983rd Meeting) Theme – Gothic Fiction



13th      (984th Meeting) AGM followed by ‘Member’s Manuscripts’


27th      (985th Meeting) Theme – an opinion piece

Closing date for the Poetry competition



11th      (986th Meeting) Pre-Christmas event



8th        (987th Meeting) Adjudication of the 2024 Poetry competition


22nd      (989th Meeting) ‘Member’s Manuscripts’ and book sale


Themed and ‘Member’s Manuscripts’ evenings:


Unless otherwise stated in the programme contributions on these occasions may be

  • fact or fiction
  • comic, tragic or simply serious
  • prose, poetry, song lyric or drama

On ‘Members’ Manuscripts’ evenings pieces on any theme, finished or ‘in progress’, may be read. Priority will be given to competition entries not previously shared and to pieces written for themed evenings for which there was not time on the night. Apart from competition entries length guideline for the shared pieces is that they should be capable of being read in 5 minutes – say 40 lines of poetry or 600-800 words of prose. Longer items may be shared if time allows.




Ripon Writers’ Group Competitions:


These are open to paid-up members only.


No member may submit more than one entry in any one competition.


Each entry must be the member’s original work and neither previously submitted for a RWG competition nor published (or broadcast) for a fee.


With the exception of the Short Story competition no entry in the competitions may exceed 1,500 words (including the title) or 40 lines of poetry. Entries in the Short Story competition must be between 1,200 and 1,700 words (including the title). A word count must be stated for stories and articles.


Entries must be submitted to the Competitions Secretary no later than the published closing date and the text must bear no means of identification.




The President’s Cup


The President’s Cup is presented at the Pre-Christmas Event.

The Competitions Secretary keeps a record of points accumulated throughout the year at RWG activities. These are awarded as follows:

  • 2 points for each RWG competition entered
  • 5 points for 1st place in a RWG competition
  • 3 points for 2nd place in a RWG competition
  • 2 points for 3rd place in a RWG competition


Our friendly group meets once a fortnight at the St Wilfred's Community Centre on Trinity Lane and is always open to new members from the Ripon area and beyond. Whether your interest is in poetry or prose, novels, short stories, plays, wacky humour, a more analytical style of writing, or just listening for the time being, you're very welcome.

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