Mini-Saga competition 2012

The competition, held in honour of the late Twinks Perugini Kenyon, a much missed former member of RWG, was judged this year by her daughter, Anne Perugini Powell. Due to circumstances beyond her control, Anne was unable to attend the meeting but very kindly sent the results along by post.

In first place, was Kate Swann’s Growing Up, Learning Fast, a touching tale of childhood neglect. In second place came Final text message sent from a mobile phone washed up on the beach of Isola del Giglio by Phil Cook. (The rules of the competition allow for a long title to compensate for the strictly observed word count – precisely 50 – in the actual saga.) Phil’s entry used ‘text speak’, taught to him by young relatives, to great effect. Jan Maltby’s The White Bikini, a fine example of husbandly hypocrisy and wifely revenge, came third.

As Kate was not present this evening to receive the trophy, it will be presented to her in January.

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