Artistic Licence

Artistic Licence adjudication 2013

The competition, formerly known as Theatre in the Round was won by Andrew Burns, seen here exchanging a warm handshake with screenwriter Ann Gallivan. Wearing her adjudicator’s hat, Ann gave us her carefully considered thoughts on each of the fourteen entries. As a bonus, she shared with us some of the highlights of her long career in television, including her current work on BBC Scotland’s River City.


Andrew’s winning entry was a humorous story about an eccentric man whose life was completely taken over by the piece of modern sculpture he created for an art exhibition. Maggie Cobbett came second with a look back at the career of fan dancer Phyllis Dixey and Caroline Slator took third place. In Against the Odds, an autistic young man’s obsession with numbers and his job in the theatre come together with disastrous consequences.

We are looking forward to hearing the remaining entries with their very varied selection of subject matter, at our next Open MSS session.

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