2016 AGM

Jan summarised another successful year and thanked the Committee for assisting her. In particular, she referred to the links that had been established with poet Andy Croft and expressed the Group’s thanks to Cathy, who was stepping down as Treasurer after a very long stint. Cathy’s final act in the role was to suggest a new annual membership fee of £24 and this was accepted.

The Committee for 2016/7, elected unopposed, is as follows:
• President – David McAndrew
• Chairman – Sheila Whitfield
• Vice Chairman – Phil Cook
• Secretary – Peter Page
• Treasurer – Anna Greenwood and Caroline Slator jointly
• Members’ Member and Competition Secretary – Susan Perkins

Programme ideas for the coming year were taken and further suggestions will continue to be welcomed until the start of January 2017.

Joe, as outgoing President, expressed thanks to the three members who were leaving the Committee – Jan, Cathy and Peter H – and presented them each with a small gift.

The rest of the evening was devoted to routine business and readings.

Our friendly group meets once a fortnight at the St Wilfred's Community Centre on Trinity Lane and is always open to new members from the Ripon area and beyond. Whether your interest is in poetry or prose, novels, short stories, plays, wacky humour, a more analytical style of writing, or just listening for the time being, you're very welcome.

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